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Using only the finest and durable and of course chemically safe products,
Abba Salon and Spa offers wide range of techniques to meet your individual coloring needs. Hair Coloring is an essential part of finishing your hairstyle because even the subtle change in hair color can offer an instant change to your look. Therefore, professionalism, education and the experience of your hair colorist are vital in your search for that perfect hair color to match your individual style.

        Essentially, hair coloring is a science, mostly chemistry and is not a simple task of choosing a color and applying it to the hair to get the desired result as many misconceptions. Hair coloring and formulation to achieve the desired color takes knowledge and most importantly, experience. Because each client's hair texture may cause different outcomes even with the same formulation, application of the knowledge gained through experience and the education is vital in obtaining a satisfactory hair coloring result for the client. Here at Abba, we use more effective and gentle colorants from Redkin and Matix to execute the perfect shade and longevity of the hair color. Most of the haircuts, whether it be a classic or a collections cut, have specific coloring techniques to enhance the cut itself. However, a bad hair color can turn even the most 'classic' cut into a walking tragedy.

Other popular coloring techniques also include blonding with bleach, highlights, lowlights and grey coverage. Blonding is mostly achieved with highlight  but here at Abba, often time we also incorporate lowlight when requested by the client to produce more natural shade of blond. Because bleaching and highlighting can damage the structure of the hair, it takes great skill, knowledge of colorants, vision, attention to detail and most importantly experience to deliver a perfect shade of natural looking blond without breaking the integrity of the hair structure. There are also different methods of highlighting and lowlighting which are weaving and cap. Weaving offers of personalized, specific and detailed execution of the high/lowlights while cap offers a faster coloring service. Grey hair coloring is bit more of a challenge for most inexperienced colorist. However, Soon or Susan's 20 year experience in beauty/hair care should leave you in excellent hands. Grey/white hair coloring depends on five different factors listed below which Soon or Susan will take into consideration while choosing the best and safe techniques to execute your desired hair color.

  • Percentage of Gray or White Hair...
    The percentage of gray is a major factor in properly formulating a beautiful and long lasting Hair Color. Soon or Susan factors the percentage of gray/white to determine the ratios of various Colorants that she will mix to achieve the desired Color Result.

  • Hair Texture...
  • As it relates to the actual density of the Hair strands i.e. fine, medium or course. Not all Hair structures are the same as the diameter of Hair strands varies from person to person. Soon or Susan factors Hair texture variations into her Color formulations to prevent a Color result from appearing less than perfect.

  • Previous Hair Coloring Treatments...
    In the case of a re-touch Hair Color application it may still be necessary to attend to the previously Colored Hair in order to refresh its faded Color and lack of shine. Applying permanent Hair Color to previously Colored Hair is a bad idea for a multitude of reasons, one is Color build up, when the ends of the Hair looks darker than the rest of the Hair and secondly, and most often, the Hair will feel dry and damaged.   To refresh the Color of Hair previously Colored with permanent Hair Color Soon or Susan uses Color glosses which contain Color Pigment, shine complexes and conditioners to beautifully enhance the softness, richness and shine of the Hair.

  • Resistant Gray Hair...
    Gray Hair that is resistant to being Colored is a concern of many clients and stylists alike. But what can be done about Coloring that stubborn Hair? You can always do what 95% of stylists do and put a darker permanent Hair Color on it and "drop a level". What if most of the Hair on that client wasn't resistant? The non resistant Hair would be too dark! Soon or Susan is a well educated Hair Colorist and knows how to tweak her Hair Color formulations to conquer the resistant gray Hair while still maintaining the desired level and not going "too dark".

  • The Clients Desired Hair Color...
    This one we can agree upon is very important!   After the final Color result is decided,   Soon or Susan will then take into consideration the Hair Coloring factors we spoke about thus far, as well as a few others, and with precise measurements will create a mix of Hair Color specifically designed for you and your Hair Coloring needs.
Moreover, Soon or Susan at
Abba Salon and Spa specializes in color correction to fix those 'walking tragedies'. Numerous clients visit Soon or Susan at Abba after a disasterous outcome of 'do it yourself' hair coloring and find that Soon or Susan's skilled and talent has produced a color result never thought possible. So whether you need re-touching, color correction, grey coverage or just bored of your hair color, call and make an appointment with Soon or Susan today to achieve that perfect hair color.


Solid Color or Grey Color: $45 & Up
Full Highights*: $55 & Up
Full Lowlights*: $55 & Up
Parital High or lowlight*: $45 & Up
Full Weave (For high or lowlights): $65 & Up
Partial Weave (For high or lowlights): $55 & Up
For a even more natural look, add highlight or lowlights to service: Add $10

* High or lowlights done with Cap.

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