Abella Hair Design offers European style cuts for men, women and children of all ages. Classic cuts at Abella are standarized in excellence characterized by simple and personalized tailored lines to remain in fashion year after year while collections/editorial cuts, which are the basis for any high fashion hair styles, are based on classic cuts along with highly technical skills, and precision to produce a sophisticated, artistic and most importantly indivdual style just for you. Ulike the tailored lines of the classic cuts, the contemporary collection/editorial cuts may reduce the wearability of your style at work or other professional settings depending on your career, but here at Abella, we can personalize even the most individualistic cuts to integrate your style into your everyday real life. So whether you are leaving the styling up to our professional stylist or have a style you are looking for,
you are sure to love your new look.

Examples of Classic Cuts:


Examples of Contemporary collections/editotrial cuts:


Men's Cut:



Children & Men:  $15 & Up
Women: $25* & Up

* Women's price includes shampoo and blow-dry.

 Abella Hair Design
By Soon or Susan
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Davis, CA

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