Thermal  Magic Straight Perm

Is your hair wavy and poofy?? Want shiny and perfectly straight hair?? Tired of long time spent in front of the mirror doing your hair everytime you want to go out?? Well, here at Abella, we offer thermal magic straight perm which will leave your hair straight, silky, smooth and shiny right out of the shower. Magic Straight perm originated in Japan and Korea and is NOT a relaxer. The Magic Straightening system was officially introduced to the U.S about 5 years ago and its popularity have been widespread. However, Soon or Susan, as one of her expertise, has been providing Magic Straightening service for over 8 years in the U.S  by importing products straight from Korea before their introduction in the States.

The straightening process involves three steps:

1: Straightening process involving a straightening solution and flat ironing of the hair.
The flat iron serves two purposes in the hair straightening process, shaping of the hair and breaking disulfides bonds. The cuticle shape of the hair can only be altered physically with a curling iron. The flat iron presses the outside hair cuticle and alters its shape to keep the hair straight.  Disulfides bonds from hair straightening chemicals can only be broken by heat from the flat iron, leaving the hair permanently straight.
2: Neutralizing with neutralizing solution
3: Conditioning with conditioning solution.

The magic straightening system  can be processed on any type of hair with the proper training, solution and processing time. However, it is absolutely not recommended on hair that has been treated with a sodium hydroxide relaxer and also if the hair is severely damaged by bleach, color or other chemical services.This procedure starts at $150.00 and takes from three to four hours to complete, depending on length and density of the hair. You should require no further treatment for nine to twelve months, and only on new hair growth. Originally treated hair will remain straight and silky without any further treatment required. So call Soon or Susan at Abella today and make an appointment to see if this procedure is right for you.


The Straightening Process

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