Here at Abba, we offer a wide range of perm service for all ages to achieve your desired style.  Permanent waves do not necessarily have to give you a tight curl. They can add body and texture to hair. Most "perms" given today are "waves". A body wave is set on a larger rod and gives your hair volume. First, Soon or Susan will analyze your hair to determine the condition and whether a alkaline or acid wave should be used.

Alkaline Wave

The best choice for resistant hair, resistant grey hair, Asian hair, hair with low elasticity, and hard to perm fine hair as well as normal, healthy hair.

Acid Wave:
These are milder than alkaline perms and work at a lower pH to reduce swelling of the hair during the perm process thus-reducing the chance of damage to fragile and color treated hair. A good choice for healthy hair with good elasticity, tinted hair, damaged hair, highlighted hair, or fragile hair.

Then depending on your desired style, Soon and Susan will help you choose the right size rod and perming techniques to guarantee your satisfaction. As with all chemical procedures, the education and the experience of the salon professional is vital in achieving the perfect curl or wave without damaging your hair. So whether you want to achieve a specific new look or just want to change your old one, come in or call today and talk to Soon or Susan about the versatility of the Perming procedure.


$55 & Up

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